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Extra Time Online associated with rugby ace Martin Offiah


The owners of Extra Time Online and Libros International are proud to be associated with rugby ace Martin Offiah.

It is almost a decade since Martin Offiah, prolific, record-breaking try-scorer, retired from rugby league. He has remained a part of the sport that made his name, sharing his opinions and comments on television and in the press. He also continues to play a part in the game as an agent for some of rugby league’s rising young stars.

It is also over a decade since Martin Offiah published his autobiography, some five years before his playing career came to an end. In that decade, rugby league has progressed, changed almost beyond recognition. The game has both expanded and consolidated its base, has seen crowds and television audiences grow. The opportunities the sport can now offer a player are fundamentally different from when Martin’s career was launched by a surprise move from south to north, from union to league, from youth achievement to instant professional recognition over twenty years ago. In his 50 of the Best Martin discusses these changes via the careers of rugby league’s great players.

In his 50 of the Best, Martin Offiah celebrates and analyses some of rugby league’s great scores. Martin relives some of his own tries, the spectacular, the significant and the memorable, a handful from his record-breaking career tally of 501. His fascinating selection also looks at great achievements of others, both team-mates and foes, players he played with and against in his fifteen years in the game. From David Topliss to Kyle Eastmond, from Clive Sullivan to Wally Lewis, he considers legends, rookies, a few lucky breaks and some great stories of the game’s past and present. He highlights the speed and strength, the tactics and teamwork, and especially the individual stealth that combine to make rugby league so spectacular, skilful and exciting. Martin Offiah tells the stories behind great moments from the last 30 years of the game, discusses how rugby league has developed and suggests some pointers for its future.

50 of the Best is more than reminiscences from a great player, however. With the prospect of a World Cup staged in England less than four years away, Martin also looks to rugby league’s future and considers its continued development. He highlights how recent changes in the game can lift the sport to new heights of achievement and popularity, whilst also identifying some of its weaknesses.

50 of the Best by Martin Offiah is a personal reflection on rugby league past, present and future by one of the sport’s greatest ever players. He states why he believes that achievements such as his will never again be matched, and offers his own explanation of how changes in the last decade, both inside and outside rugby league, have changed the game for good.

I loved scoring tries. That’s what I did. It was my thing and I was pretty good at it, 501 times good at it!

Martin Offiah

His absolute hunger and dedication to score tries was unparalleled. There is no-one in the sport more qualified to produce a book about some of its greatest scores.